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Matecel Dazzles at the Middle East Coating Show

Jul. 15, 2023

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Egypt - The highly anticipated annual Middle East Coating Show exhibition concluded on a high note, leaving Matecel elated with remarkable achievements. With an overwhelming number of visitors flocking to the booth, we witnessed an endless stream of customers, at times requiring them to wait in line.



During the exhibition, the sales team demonstrated exceptional communication skills, promptly and accurately providing customers with suitable product recommendations. Furthermore, we ensured customers had the opportunity to test samples upon returning from the exhibition. Matecel has full confidence that customers will be delighted with the quality of the samples, paving the way for future orders.



The Middle East Coating Show exhibition served as a platform for Matecel to forge stronger relationships with customers, as well as showcase our commitment to delivering excellence. The exhibition provided a vibrant backdrop for memorable interactions, where customers and company representatives engaged in meaningful conversations, exchanging insights, and exploring potential collaborations.


We are thrilled with the overwhelming response and positive feedback received from customers during the Middle East Coating Show exhibition. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality cellulose products and unparalleled service. The exhibition has reinforced our belief that we are on the right track and motivated us to continue raising the bar in our industry.


As the curtains close on the Middle East Coating Show exhibition, Matecel's commitment to serving customers remains unwavering. The exhibition was just one chapter in our journey to build long-lasting partnerships and deliver exceptional solutions. The company looks forward to the next opportunity to connect with customers and provide them with the finest cellulose products available in the market.


About Matecel:

Matecel is a leading manufacturer of high-quality cellulose products, catering to a wide range of industries. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we continuously strive to deliver superior products and exceptional service. With a robust sales team and a commitment to innovation, Matecel is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of customers.


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