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Matecel Set to Shine at ABRAFATI SHOW 2023

Nov. 10, 2023




ABRAFATI SHOW 2023 will be held in St. Paulo, Brazil from 21-23, November, 2023. ABRAFATI SHOW 2023 has been a driving force for innovation, knowledge dissemination, and networking for several years. It offers not just the opportunity to exhibit for three event-packed days but a chance to stay ahead in the market. Elevate your company's visibility by showcasing your products and solutions. This event is your gateway to fostering meaningful relationships and expanding your business horizons.


Shijiazhuang Henggu Jianxin Cellulose Company sincerely welcome all visitors to visit our booth: CH61.


The Products of Matecel

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Hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC), a white, granular powder that freely flows, is a non-ionic, water-soluble polymer. Derived from sustainably sourced cellulose, MATECEL® HEC products are environmentally friendly and suitable for various personal and home care applications. They dissolve quickly in cold and hot water, producing clear solutions with diverse viscosities. These effective thickeners exhibit excellent performance across a broad pH spectrum, showcase high tolerance to salt, and demonstrate compatibility with a wide range of surfactants, allowing for the creation of precise formulations.


Sincerely welcome all visitors to visit our booth!

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