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The Science Behind Superior Tile Adhesives: Utilizing HPMC's Potential

Aug. 21, 2023

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Tile adhesive is a new type of modern decorative material used to paste decorative materials such as ceramic tiles, face tiles, floor tiles and so on. There are many kinds of additives in tile adhesive, but usually adding cellulose ether additives to tile adhesive can improve water retention, thickening effect and open time.


MATECEL® promises the high performance and excellent working efficiencies for attachment of tiles to various substrates. Being slip resistance and having better open time are the key to better adhesive requirements.

These improvements can only be gained through MATECEL®.


HPMC for tile adhesive features:

* Improve thermal stability Reduce cement hydration delay

* Excellent slip resistance Improves rheology of plaster

* Good consistency, crack resistance, shrinkage resistance, good machinability

* HPMC tile adhesive has good water retention, greatly improves the water retention capacity, and inhibits a large amount of water loss from super absorbent tiles and substrates.

* Enough water in the hardened state of the cement, increasing the bond strength and further improving the slip resistance of the mortar;

Effects of raw materials

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Slip resistance

Slip resistance is crucial in order to improve working efficiency in applied tile cement mortars on walls. MATECEL® provides adhesives with better slip property so that tiles can be applied in a better way. With suitable MATECEL® grades and concentration levels, heavy tiles over 50kg can be applied to walls without slipping.


Open time& Tensile adhesion strength

Less skin formation and higher water retention through MATECEL® ensure better quality during longer working time on the field. Suitable addition rate of MATECEL® ensure longer open time, higher tensile adhesion strength and better work ability.


Tile adhesive application guide

• Adjust the open time of tile adhesive: HPMC will form thin film on the surface of tile adhesive to reduce moisture evaporation. Help tile adhesive increase the open time.

• Increase tensile strength: the good property of water retention could make sure keep enough water for cement hydration.

• Good work ability:Choose the right HPMC, could make the mortar easy to scrape on the wall, increase the efficiency.

• Increase the anti-slip property: can increase the binding strength of wet mortar, increase the anti-slip property.


For more than 18 years, MATECEL has been providing high quality cellulose ether products to construction industry, such as HPMC, MHEC, HEC, CMC, RDP/VAE, Polyvinyl Alcohol and so on. Our focus on cellulose ether quality has made us a commendable partner with hundreds of distributors and users around the world. Today we rank among the most important producer of cellulose ether and other construction additives in China.

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