HPMC Applications

Construction Fields HPMC

MATECEL is one of the specialized suppliers and manufacturers of polymer modifiers for the construction industry for a wide range of applications including cement additives, adhesives, coatings and dust control for a variety of materials.

MATECEL's HPMC polymer modifier products for the construction industry have earned a reputation for high quality, and our affordable line of water-soluble polymer additives can significantly improve the performance of your concrete and other cementitious products while optimizing costs. Performance improvements include workability, durability, consistency and reliability.

HPMC is widely used as a cement additive in all types of dry-mix mortars, tile adhesives, construction fillers and plasters. HPMC (PMK Series, GLK Series, PMEF Series, GLE Series, GMK Series) improves cement properties such as flexibility, water retention and increased viscosity. HPMC also improves the workability and quality of cement-based products (reduces cracking and delamination). HPMC in fine powder form is a very good additive for cement.

Construction Fields HPMC

MATECEL Redispersible Emulsion Powder (RDP, VAE) is a water-soluble, white or nearly white, free-flowing powder. It has high adhesion and excellent water repellency. It increases the elasticity of the mortar, has a long open time, improves the adhesion, flexural strength, plasticity and abrasion resistance of the mortar. In a flexible anti-crack mortar, it has high elasticity. VAE redispersible emulsion powders enhance the performance of cement or gypsum dry-mix products by improving water retention, open time and workability, strength, adhesion to a variety of surfaces, flexibility, impact resistance and abrasion resistance.  Applications for polymer-modified mortars include tile adhesives and grouts, waterproofing pastes and crack fillers, repair mortars and plaster compounds, wallpaper adhesives, mineral plasters, gypsum-based compounds and masonry mortars.

Construction Fields HPMC

Contractors use cellulose ether polymers such as HEC, HPMC and HEMC to improve mortar properties such as water retention, strength, consistency, workability, open time, yield point and shear thinning behavior. They can also provide a barrier to water diffusion. Strength improvements include compressive strength, tensile strength and fracture toughness. Contractors use these cementitious mortars or polymer modified cements as masonry materials, tile adhesives, repair mortars, grouts, flooring materials, etc.

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