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HPMC for eifs

Exterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS), also known as Exterior Insulation Composite System (ETICS), is a cladding system that provides an insulation finish and waterproofing for exterior walls in an integrated composite system.

HPMC for eifs

HPMC stands for Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose and is a common additive in building materials, including Exterior Insulation and Decorative Systems (EIFS) mortars. Exterior insulation systems are cladding systems that provide insulation and decorative finishes to the exterior walls of a building.

Adding HPMC to an exterior insulation system mortar formulation can enhance various properties and improve its performance. Some of the key advantages of using HPMC in exterior insulation system mortars include:

Water Retention: HPMC acts as a water retention agent, enabling the mortar to maintain proper water content over time. This helps the cement to hydrate better and ensures proper curing, which is critical to the development of mortar strength.

Crack resistance: HPMC enhances the crack resistance of mortar, improving its durability and longevity. It helps to reduce shrinkage and control cracks that form due to drying or thermal movement.

Workability: HPMC increases the workability and consistency of exterior insulation mortars, making them easier to mix, apply and spread. It helps to achieve a smooth and uniform texture on the surface.

Anti-sagging: The addition of HPMC helps prevent exterior insulation mortar from sagging or caving in on vertical surfaces. It improves the thixotropic behavior of the mortar, allowing it to remain in place during construction without excessive deformation.

Flexibility: By incorporating HPMC, exterior insulating mortars gain flexibility, which is essential to accommodate building movement and thermal expansion/contraction without causing significant damage.

Adhesion: HPMC improves the adhesion of exterior insulation mortar to a variety of substrates, including insulation boards and primers. It increases bond strength and reduces the chance of delamination or cracking.

It is important to note that the exact amount of HPMC and the formulation of exterior insulation mortar may vary depending on factors such as desired performance, climatic conditions and local building codes. Manufacturers of exterior insulation systems typically provide guidelines and recommendations for incorporating HPMC or other additives into their mortar products.

The mortar required by the EIFS/ETICS should have excellent adhesion and flexibility under various outdoor climate conditions. MATECEL cellulose ether are widely used for adhesive mortars and the embedding mortars in EIFS/ETICS.

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