HPMC Applications

HPMC for wall putty

HPMC for wall putty

We are a reliable manufacturer and distributor of HPMC in China. The HPMC for Wall Putty offered by us reduces water loss and density when pouring cement. Wall putty is also known as putty powder. It is a waterproof white cementitious powder and other additives. It is suitable for concrete and mortar and can be used on interior and exterior walls and ceilings. When you need to fill defects in the base wall and fine-tune the surface of the base, we recommend you to add HPMC to the putty.Voltaire's HPMC provides thickening, water retention and lubrication to the wall putty.

Wall putty is made of fine white cement-based powder that is pasted onto the wall before the painting job begins. It makes the wall surface flat and smooth. Wall putty is mainly used to fill gaps, cracks and even holes in the wall and leaves a flat and smooth surface before painting. Wall putty is suitable for both interior and exterior walls of buildings. The 2nd coat of wall putty repairs all imperfections and the 2nd coat of wall putty leaves a smooth and even surface.

HPMC retains sufficient moisture in the putty.

Improves workability due to lubricity

HPMC makes the putty easy to work with and prolongs open time

Enhances suspension and sag resistance

Provides amazing internal viscosity to prevent cracking

HPMC gives better performance to wall putty

HPMC for wall putty

Advantages of using HPMC in wall putties

HPMC for wall putty is characterized by high water retention, good dispersion, good fineness, strong workability, easy dissolution, etc. It is suitable for dry mortar construction, internal and external wall putty emulsion (cream), skim coatings, etc.).

Excellent water retention

HPMC is a reliable and stable ingredient for formulating homogeneous putty solutions. It ensures that sufficient moisture is retained in the substrate for full hydration.

Extended working time

HPMC is a highly effective ingredient that dissolves quickly in cold water. It increases the viscosity of the solution. Due to its hydrophilic nature, HPMC also extends working time. As a result, waiting times are reduced and productivity is increased

Improved processability and efficiency

HPMC has excellent thickening, dispersing and film-forming capabilities. It reduces water evaporation during the application of wall putty. It also greatly improves workability. HPMC is therefore ideal for wall putty applications.

How does HPMC for wall putty work?

Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC) does not participate in any chemical reaction except as a secondary molecule. The process of adding water to the putty powder is a chemical reaction on the wall surface. In this process, a new substance (calcium carbonate) is formed.

The main components of calcium putty powder are a mixture of Ca(OH)2, CaO and a small amount of CaCO3. the reaction equation is as follows

CaO+H2O=Ca(OH)2 -Ca(OH)2+CO2=CaCO3↓+H2O.

In this process, the gray calcium will be converted to calcium carbonate by the action of carbon dioxide and water, and HPMC is only as a water retention agent to assist the reaction under better conditions, and does not participate in the reaction.

HPMC aqueous solution

The formulation of putty can vary according to different specifications. Therefore, the viscosity and dosage of Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC) are also different. In practice, it is recommended to use HPMC products with lower viscosity in winter, which is more favorable for construction. Otherwise, when the temperature is lower, the viscosity will increase and may cause trouble for further application.

HPMC Manufacturer - Matecel®

Voltaire Chemicals is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of cellulose ethers. HPMC is the most commonly used cellulose ether in the construction industry and household chemicals.

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