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hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (hpmc) an overview

hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (hpmc) an overview

What is hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (hpmc)?

HPMC cellulose is the abbreviation of Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, which is a synthetic derivative of cellulose. Cellulose is a natural polymer found in plant cell walls. HPMC has been chemically modified to introduce hydroxypropyl and methyl groups to improve its water solubility and other functional properties.

hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (hpmc) an overview

HPMC cellulose is usually a white or white-like powder. HPMC cellulose has good water solubility, which makes it very useful in a variety of applications that require water-based solutions or suspensions.

HPMC cellulose is known for its ability to regulate the viscosity of solutions and is therefore used as a thickening or gelling agent in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

HPMC cellulose can form transparent and flexible films, so it is often used in coating applications in the pharmaceutical and food industries to control drug release or protect food.

In food, HPMC cellulose is often used as a stabilizer and emulsifier to improve texture and prevent separation.

HPMC cellulose is commonly used in the construction industry, especially in cement-based products. It helps improve workability, water retention and adhesion of mortars and grouts.

In the pharmaceutical field, HPMC cellulose is used to prepare tablets as a binder, disintegrant and sustained-release agent.

HPMC cellulose is also found in cosmetics, especially in personal care products such as skin care and lotions, where it improves the texture and stability of the product.

hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (hpmc) an overview

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