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hpmc supplier

China's largest supplier of HPMC

Discover Matecel, your preferred hpmc supply partner! 18 years of hard work have made us the trusted choice of large distributors, agents and hpmc end users.

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Matecel stands out for its flexible payment methods and free samples. We understand our customers' pursuit of quality. We have set up a production technology center, product application center and analysis and testing center to tailor cellulose ether needs for customers to ensure that each customer gets the best performance and satisfaction.

Matecel, which owns two large factories, has made significant progress in the field of chemical cellulose ethers in China, becoming one of the largest suppliers in the country. Passed ISO9001 certification, our annual export volume of cellulose ether products exceeds 25,000 tons, covering Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, including Russia, Indonesia, Egypt, Brazil and other major countries.

Matecel's product quality has received unanimous praise from customers and has won wide recognition in the global market. We are committed to continuous innovation and providing customers with excellent service and quality products. When you choose Matecel, you are not only choosing a supplier, you are also synonymous with reliability and quality!

hpmc supplier

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